One of my guilty pleasures, pure wool!

Oké, I just love natural and pure materials. When it comes to food, clothes, furniture or home decor, I prefer pure, raw and simple products. It never bores, feels good (especially when it comes to clothing!) and goes a lifetime so second hand or vintage can be a good and affordable option. Today I want to share with you my style with one of my favorite materials; WOOL.

First off al I can’t get enough of wool blankets. So my home has several in different places, colours and designs. For example our bed is extra comfortable with a nice big wool blanket. It feels soft, warm and the best a pure wool blanket is a bit heavy which makes sleeping underneath it on a cool or even chilly night the best! I really sleep a lot better and deeper under a wool throw. Can you imagine it combined with some fresh and crispy cotton sheets…..zzzzzz.


Also my daughters have a blanket of their own matching their room or favorite colour. I have collected some vintage ones because I just love the retro design of them. It adds a unique and vintage touch to the room. And that old fashion quality  will last more than a lifetime! Because I can’t keep them all, I sell vintage wool blankets in my etsy shop regularly. Sizes, patterns and colors vary ofcourse being all vintage. Take a peek right here.

girlsroom home decoration

My second ‘guilty pleasure’ are wool slippers. And I have to admit also this wool addiction runs in the family too. Ofcourse these slippers you can find in different types and brands, the most famous maybe by Ugg. When I get out of bed I slip on my  moccasin slippers with 100% merino wool. Just feeling the soft fabric with my bare feet is the best start of my day. Easy going getting started and warming up for the day and all it will bring!

My little girls have there own preferences (as young as they are, really they do!) they are called Haflingers and are best described as really thick woolen socks. Ever since my oldest daughter can walk I have bought these slippers every year or so. Because they don’t wear off because off the quality and they are only worn inside, my youngest daughter always has a pair to put on when those first chilly days are coming. So the perfect slipper for each family member, also for dad’s there is a suitable one. I have to get a pair still for my husband one of these days.

Want warm feet? Just click the affiliate links to help you on your way and make your search a lot easier. For my overseas readers.  For my Dutch or European readers.  

Also I’m u sucker for wool clotching but that’s another story and maybe inspiration for an other blog post….

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