Better with Butter!

A few years ago I started to eat food with less additives. It all started with a little book my parents bought and I started reading for fun. A 60 day trial period with only good (the ‘green’ additives by the book) or none additives followed. Still upon today we practice the basics of this little book. This book made me do the 60 day test. In English this book runs the same principles.

After this period something was triggered, we felt good, more energetic and I even slept better (and I didn’t have a sleeping problem). As our daughters were born and growing up we became more aware of what we where putting in our mouths and (our childs) bodies. A lot of ingredients were banned out of our daily meals. In the beginning this was quite overwhelming because the most products we ate contained one or more bad additives (the ‘red’ ones by the book). Also I was studying all the product labels on its ingredients before actually buying the product which took a fair amount of time. But as time passed we got used to the ‘good’ products and we found replacement for our daily ingredients. It also made our life and buying groceries a lot easier because a lot of products just don’t fit our menu any more. Just the most simple and plain products are the best option!

Delicious fresh bread and full cream butter
Delicious fresh baked bread and full cream butter.

So I’m a big fan of full cream butter these days! We put it on our bread in de morning and we bake almost everything in it for dinner, like meat and potatoes. Also adding a little piece to the vegetables when they are cooked makes it a lot tastier.

One minus point, full cream butter in Holland comes in a paper foil packaging. Which you can understand becomes a bit messy when the butter gets soft and people are running there knifes in it. So I found a simple and practical solution to stop my family putting butter all over the kitchen counter in the morning! An old fashion butter dish.

full cream butter and mepal butter dish
Full cream butter and mepal butter dish

Actually I bought two butter dishes one brand new and plastic by Mepal, the other of course vintage and made of stainless steel. Both are terefic. I advise everbody who uses real butter to buy at least two butter dishes, this way you can dishwash one when the other can be used. Just an example of how some little things can make your life easier and little books can have a big impact and make a difference. Want to get the plastic butter dish I use? Overseas readers click here. Dutch/European readers click here.

Plastic mepal butter dish
Plastic Mepal Butter Dish

And it has to be said of course we sin once in a while so my kids get that candy or we eat that irresistible snack….

PS. this post contains affiliatie links to make your search on the web a little easier.


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