Inspiration, a little girls room.

My youngest daughter recently said ‘mom why is there no picture of my room on your blog’? I thought your absolutely right, also her room makes a inspiring blogpost. About two years ago she got a bigger room, actually she has the luxury of our old bedroom with more than enough space to play and to have sleep overs with her girlfriends. Side benefit we have the whole upper floor as a bedroom loft for ourselves!

Little girls bedroom; some fresh colors, patterns and a touch of vintage

With just some basic furniture and storage, some outstanding home decor and lovely colors and patterns, she has a lovely girly room! And for the finishing and personal touch to the room I put her name up the wall with some lasercut styrofoam letters. These letters actually moved from her former nursery room, so these are some years old by now, but still look great! I choose to keep the letters white and put them on a colorful background, this way her name really ‘pops up’. (She’s named Lenthe, in English this is like Spring).

Styrofoam letter wall decor
Lasercut Styrofoam letters

Because the letters are lightweight you can stick them easily to the wall, I used multiple ‘poster buddies’ which are cheap and more important you can remove without damaging your wall! Use your creativity and compose your own text, name or slogan on the wall. You can even choose to paint or decorate the letters or you can buy wooden or pre-decorated ones, just go with your own style.

A children’s room can’t have enough storage. The best storage is that they can use easily themselves, this makes it easier to take a toy and also to put it away. I use these large storage containers which fit underneath the bed and also have a big lid to keep the dust out. Also my other daughter has a pair of these storage boxes and they are stuffed with all sorts of things (like shoes, building blocks, dressing-up clothes etc). Hardly visible, easy in daily use, sturdy and not all expensive, just perfect for a kids room.

ideal under the bed storage

A while ago we added a bigger desk to her room,  now she was in 3rd grade so the toddlers desk was for babies according to her….I found the greatest vintage fifties desk which I immediately fell in love with. Honestly I wanted it for myself and maybe some day, probably when she goes to high school, I will…..The desk gives the room a minimalistic and scandanavian look which fits great in the room!

Fifties minimalistic desk – wire bed and storage – statement rabbit lamp


Here’s a list of some of the items or are similar to the items I used in this children’s room;



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