Sharing some home pro nail caring!

Oke I don’t have the longest nails but finally they are looking good and well groomed. For a former nail-biter I’m really happy with this acomplishment.

As a kid I bit my nails really bad. Over the years I grew over the worst nail biting habbits but still when I am not wearing any nailpolish and I am spending time behind the laptop or television I have the bad habbit of fidling my nails until they break or tear. I find it very annoying myself.

I tried putting on nailpolish on a regular basis, but unfortunately nailpolish doesn’t last long as a working mom doing her everyday chores. After one or max two days the polish is chipped and cracked which I think even looks worse. Of course there is the solution of going to a salon for some gelnails. I’m not the most patient type and also planning appointments in my schedule and that of my family is quite a challenge these days. So I took the step for a DIY home gelpolish system.

DIY gelnails

When I started searching I found out that there are quite a few different brands and sets to choose from. Because it is quite an investement it took me some time comparing. Finally I choose the Striplac starter kit by Allesandro. Also this nailpolish works with a UV-lamp to harden out the polish. The main reason choosing Striplac was that you don’t have to soak your nails in aceton to remove the nailpolish. This saves a lot of time (and time is scarce these days). And this also means your room doesn’t smell of aceton and nailpolish, which farely isn’t realy a pleasant odour….You can easily remove the striplac polish by peeling it of like a sticker. And best of all the polish stays on without chipping for at least a week up to 10 days (really!). I recently found some online ebay stores which offers striplac products for a reasonable price too.

Striplac Allesandro Starter Set

Peeling of the nailpolish once a week or so is really convenient for me because I can peel and fiddle my nails with a reason! I have been using the uv-lamp and gelpolish for about 6 months now and must say I’m very pleased with the result. In the passed few months I have bought several new colors to expand my nailpolish kit (I must admit it’s somewhat of a new addiction, every time I’ll find another excuse to buy a new color…). After a few months my base colorpalette of nailpolish contains the colors taupe, grey and wine red. Already 2 new colors (neon pink and first kiss, this last one you can see in the first pic) and I can’t wait for spring to come!

Here are 9 practical tips by using the Allesandro Striplac gelpolish I want to share with you;

#1 Of course first read the instruction manual and follow the steps as described. It isn’t hard, just take your time and enjoy the moment of caring for yourself. It takes me about 30 minutes to do both hands.

#2 Apply thin layers! As thin as possible for the best natural result.

#3 When applying the color nailpaint it sometimes will back away from the tip. You can work the polish until you put it under the lamp, so take your time to get it right. Just make sure to work to the tip of the nails and, as soon as you’re ready, put them under the lamp directly.

#4 Very important when you are done, don’t try to scratch off anything with your nails (use something else). Scratching a hard surface will bring air under the tip and the nailpolish wich will make it come off.

#5 When removing the nailpolis just put your nail at the tip of the other nail and push it a bit. You will ‘lift’ the gelpolish layer and it’s ready to peel off.

#6 At least wait 5 to 7 days for peeling off the nailpolish this will prevent damaging your nails and also work slowly when peeling. (I sometimes after a few days want to put on an other color but being patient is important!).

#7 The nailpolish dries out the natural nail a bit, so when I have peeled off the nailpolish I sometimes give them a nights rest and massage my nails before going to sleep with some (castor) oil.

#8 Unfortunately the polish isn’t cheap (cheap is expensive sale….). So choose your colors wisely. Start with some base colors that match the most of your outfits.

#9 Painting up your toenails is also possible of course. Herefore you can easily detach the uv-lamp from its base plate and this way you can put the lamp directly above your toes. ( you don’t have to squeeze in your feet in the opening at the front). So this is done in a jiffy.

myvintagelifestyle napa filter

I must say I really got the hang if it now and it takes me about 30 minutes to do my nails. For me this is doable once a week and the best of all I enjoy looking at my nails and I don’t bite them any more. I think it looks great and is perfect for business appointments and also it’s very fashionable.

Of course this is my personal experience I want to share with you. If you have any pratical tips or tricks feel free to let me know! This post contains affiliate links.

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