A great way to repurpose ‘old stuff’!

Normally I post on Friday but I just can’t wait to spread the word of repurposing things and ideas I have to maybe inspire you too…

I love ‘old stuff’ and I’m always searching the right balance between old and new in my style when it comes to my home or for example my wardrobe. Fitting in vintage and antique items and giving them a new meaning and purpose is just what I love to do! This way the ‘old stuff’ can be re-used and beloved again. Providing not only an original and unique touch, it is also very sustainable and responsible these days. In this post some examples I use in my home;

# Mailbag becomes laundry bag

Practical and easy (I like!) is using an former business mailbag as a laundry bag. Just put two hooks on the wall to hang the mailbag and you’re done, easy does it! It looks great and at the same time really functional. When the bag is full I take it of its hooks to the laundry room. Also the bag is made of canvas (fabric) so clothes or towels can ‘breathe’ and they won’t stay damp when you put them in after using. I can imagine lot of other storage options for it, like kids toys or even sports gear like tennis rackets etc. This type of mailbag is quite big so plenty room to stuff!

Vintage Dutch Mailbag – Repurpose Laundrybag

I use a former Dutch postal bag which we bought in a little shop a few years ago. Then I hadn’t a real purpose for it I just liked it…..Nowadays I like it still as a home accessory and it has a function too. There are some Etsy sellers that offer old postal bags from different countries, just pick one you like best! Or you can search US mailbags on Ebay or for Dutch mailbags Marktplaats is a good option. I hope to sell Dutch postal bags soon in my own Etsy shop, I will keep you posted in this blog when this day has come.

# Suitcase storage makes lovely home decor

Another vintage storage idea is using old suitcases. A perfect home decor item to add some vintage spark to the room. You can easily use vintage or antique suitcases to store magazines, books, children’s toys etc.

Vintage suitcase repurpose magazine storage

Or stack them up and put stuff in you don’t use regularly like photo albums or seasonal items like scarfs and gloves. Piled up some suitcases you can style it off with a plant, lamp or some books on top. This way even usable as a side table at the same time multi functional in use! Also here Etsy is a great place to shop for vintage suitcases. Or maybe you or some of your family members have some nice old decorative suitcases in the attic right now….! I recently came across this new vintage look storage trunk set on Amazon, also very decorative.


vintage storage trunk set Amazon.com

This post contains affiliate links to make your search on the web a little easier.


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