My ‘Healthy’ Snack Craving

As you probably know I’m a big fan of all natural foods. And I don’t mean superfoods or any of kind of powerfood but just plain, simple and honest products that are healthy (or at least healthier) and tasteful too! I try to eat less additives for quite some time now and got inspired by a little book. This you can read in my earlier post “Better with Butter”. This little guide for used additives made me more aware of what we put in our mouths these days.

Of course I love a quick and tasteful snack especially at the weekends. Due to skipping most artificial additives it can be quite a challenge to vary different snack options. My hubby just loves his potato chips so nowadays he is switched to the natural ones, these only contain potatoes, salt and of course oil. Only natural chips became a bit boring so I searched the supermarket for other replacements.

Snack Time

This brings me to my latest craving, which I’m hooked on nowadays….Tortilla chips with humus (hommos; hoummos; humous or whatever they spell it). The basic ingredients of tortilla chips are only corn, salt and again oil. But be aware to read the ingredient list because some brands put in some additional flavours and also they change their recipes sometimes so keep checking it once in a while.

Just plain tortilla chips are not the most exciting snack and of course you can put cheese on it and put them in the oven, also very tasteful (which reminds me doing that soon on of these days, just yummy). Another, I think, delicious combination is dipping the tortilla’s in Humus past. There a quite some brands and flavors available these days, also check the ingredient list and choose wisely. I prefer most of it, natural Humus available at different Eko shops like this online shop (US reader? Also Amazon offers organic Hummus). And when you can find the time it is also possible to make a quick and easy Humus of your own. Check this simple and fast recipe, I have to make this myself shortly…

Tortilla Chips and Humus

Hope you can appreciate and enjoy this snack indulgence too. And when you think up a new combination please let me know!

And don’t want to spoil all the fun but watch those calories…..but hey it’s weekend!


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