I love natural beauty products.

Today I want to share with you my recent natural beauty finds. While Pinterest is a daily inspiration to us all or at least to me these days……Nowadays I use these pure and simple products on a daily basis, and must say I like them a lot! Great side benefit of these product they are not expensive at all and some are multi-usable.

My daily beauty products
My daily beauty products

#1 Baking Soda

Baking Soda isn’t a common product in Holland as it is in the US. On Pinterest you can find loads of everyday uses for it. I’m not going to write a post with all these tips but one of them in particular stand out to me and a while a go. And what did I do, yes you’re guessing it right, I started using it and now I’m a big fan. I have to admit maybe it sounds a bit strange but I started to wash my hair with a mixture of baking soda and water. Just google baking soda shampoo and you will find quite a few blogs about this topic. I use Baking soda by Arm and Hammer available at  regular Dutch grocery stores as AH and also available online! . And of course amazon offers baking soda. Or probably you can get it at your local grocery store.

Pure Baking Soda, my natural shampoo

I’m doing this for more than a year now and my hair has become a lot fuller and isn’t that lifeless anymore (it’s still hair so it’s pretty ‘dead’ but hopefully you know what I mean.) Also my hair feels firmer, has a nice glow and became healthier. One time I washed my hair with regular shampoo again (I was already under the shower and forgot my baking soda mixture….) and afterwards my hair was really limp and hard to style my hair the right way. That was the last time I used regular shampoo and nowadays I won’t use anything else then my baking soda shampoo! You should (according to the posts) rinse with apple vinegar and once in a while put some oil in your hair to nourish it because baking soda can dry out the hair a bit. This brings me to my second natural beauty product…..

#2 Castor Oil & Facial Cupping

At first I bought this oil to nourish my hair but meanwhile I have another purpose to it. I recently started facial cupping. This to stimulate the skin and it was recommended by my beauty specialist (also cosmetic acupuncturist, this I will share with you soon in another blogpost). And as a sucker for DIY beauty projects I made facial cupping part of my daily routine now. Every evening I clean my skin thoroughly and when is clean and fresh I cup for 1 or 2 minutes.I bring on some drops of castor oil on my skin before I bring on the cup. Also rosehip seed oil seems to bee very suitable for cupping. This I will try shortly and of course I will share my experience with you! Oil is essential to provide a thin layer between your skin and the silicon cup which makes it moves smoothly and provides the needed vacuum.

Silicon facial cup


When I’m done I rinse or whipe my face with some tee trea skin tonic and it feels super soft and has a real natural glow. At first due to the cupping the skin can get red but this will go away after a few minutes. The cupping makes the blood flow in the face, which is said, stimulates the skin and helps against wrinkles (it’s worth trying and a lot cheaper than all those artificial products that you can put in your face nowadays). On youtube you can find several facial cupping instructions. The cup I use just costs a few euro’s or dollars and you can get online. Facial cupping set Dutch readers / overseas readers.

This post contains affiliate links. When you have any questions about this or other posts of mine please let me know! I use several natural products by ‘De Tuinen’ also online available and shipping is free in Holland and Belgium wen you order more than € 20,-.

It IS Easy Being Green!

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