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Just being you and finding your style can be hard these days. I’m finding it hard too! But there are those days or situations that’s just obvious who you are and what makes you You! That’s the reason I started this blog. Just sharing my style, my ideas, my vintage treasuries to hopefully inspire you and who knows even your family or friends….

I love vintage, fashion, design, healthy food and off course my dear family (my husband and two girls and a small dachshund dog). As a working mom it’s regularly hectic and a challenge to keep up the daily pace. This made me realize even more that quality time for yourself also is a basic need! So I recharge my battery by running, some yoga, a walk with the dog, an evening out or dinner for two (writing this reminds me that that dinner for two should be planned again….) or just indulge myself with some nice beauty products.

Also one of the best ‘me-moments’ are when I can wonder around in thrift stores, visit auctions and flee-markets and let my eye pick out some great finds. This and the fear of becoming a hoarder made me open my Etsy shop some time ago! This inspired me then to start this blog, hope to inspire you in any way! Just take a look around and you will find different posts. I love to hear your reaction and if you have any questions just let me know.

This I call ‘my vintage lifestyle’ and for me this is a honest, true to yourself, authentic lifestyle. Vintage according to the dictionary means ‘of high quality and lasting value, or showing the best and most typical characteristics of a particular type of thing, especially from the past’. I hope I show my personal best and typical characteristics each day. And I’m convinced this will give you the best life quality and value! And trust me I still struggle with this some days, but never too late to stop trying being true to yourself!

On my blog you will find several affiliated links to the products I use and prefer, making your search a bit easier. And who knows maybe someday I can make a living blogging and selling the vintage finds I just love!

Oh and for I forget to tell you I’m Dutch, so don’t mind my poor English typos sometimes.

Warmest greetings and enjoy reading! Chris.

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