My ‘Healthy’ Snack Craving

As you probably know I'm a big fan of all natural foods. And I don't mean superfoods or any of kind of powerfood but just plain, simple and honest products that are healthy (or at least healthier) and tasteful too! I try to eat less additives for quite some time now and got inspired by... Continue Reading →

Inspiration, a little girls room.

My youngest daughter recently said 'mom why is there no picture of my room on your blog'? I thought your absolutely right, also her room makes a inspiring blogpost. About two years ago she got a bigger room, actually she has the luxury of our old bedroom with more than enough space to play and to have sleep overs... Continue Reading →

Better with Butter!

A few years ago I started to eat food with less additives. It all started with a little book my parents bought and I started reading for fun. A 60 day trial period with only good (the 'green' additives by the book) or none additives followed. Still upon today we practice the basics of this little... Continue Reading →

Wish to inspire you….

Just being you and finding your style can be hard these days. I'm finding it hard too! But there are those days or situations that's just obvious who you are and what makes you You! That's the reason I started this blog. Just sharing my style, my ideas, my vintage treasuries to hopefully inspire you and who knows even your family or friends....

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